Field Service

Every dryer or kiln has different needs depending on past use and operating conditions. At Rotary Kiln and Dryer we offer a number of services that can help you get the most out of your rotary unit. Call us to schedule an inspection today!

Tire and Trunnion Grinding

As your equipment ages, various types of wear problems occur. Tire and roller surfaces may show severe wear. Symptoms may include pitting, spalling, vibration, uneven wear and rolled over edges.

These conditions can result in premature bearing failures, damage to tire retaining components, bases, drive components, piers and footings. 

Resurfacing or "grinding" of your tires and trunnion rollers gives them a near new surface finish. This reduces vibration, uneven wear and rolled over edges. Our experienced personnel with their on-site grinding equipment can resurface your tires with a minimum of downtime and at the most reasonable rates in the country.

Other Services

Dryer Retubing Shell Section Replacement Tire / Gear Replacement