Machine Shop Services

Precision Machining & Fabrication to Meet YOUR Specifications

Ring Gears & Pinions Trunnion Rollers Thrust Rollers Forged Steel Tires
Inlet and Discharge Leaf/Belt Seal Systems (Kevlar, or Steel) Complete dryers/kilns manufactured to your specifications. Wedges & Wedge Bodies


Sleeved Trunnion Rollers

In many cases we can sleeve your worn trunnion roller for a fraction of the cost of new:
Your worn trunnion roller. A seamless forged sleeve is heat shrunk over your roller. The sleeved roller is then machined back to its original specifications. Your roller, good as new for a fraction of the cost of new.

Thrust Roller Remanufacturing

If your thrust roller has a broken shaft, damaged roller, or damaged bearing we can rebuild it: